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This Testimonial Left Me Glowing

"Like so many of us do I struggled for years to heal and find forgiveness until one night when Colter Dye held a training that literally changed my life. Ironically days before I had despaired that I couldn’t get free of the burden of negativity and the tiresome load of being unable to forgive and wondered if I ever would. I had gone to a therapist. I had read books. I had gone to other trainings. I had tried to rewrite negative thoughts into productive ones. I have even created curriculum and taught trainings on anger management and forgiveness! It all helps but eventually the acidity of negativity and pain would start to resurface to the top and color my views and feelings.

Marisa and her husband, Dustin.

"Then one night I went to an eye gazing seminar that Colter put on. From the moment I stepped into the room I felt a difference. Colter was dressed in ceremonial clothing, an altar was placed at the front of the room for us to bring a symbol of something important to us to, there was incense and music. These careful touches helped to create an atmosphere where something magical was about to commence. Colter too has a powerful tangible spirit of acceptance, love and healing about him that created an atmosphere in the room that I know touched more than just me.

"Colter talked to us about eye gazing and what it was and then demonstrated how it was done. I was so uncomfortable but Colter facilitated things in a way that made us feel at ease even in our awkwardness! There was a tangible spirit of peace. Then something amazing transpired, as I gazed into the eyes of the person I had tried so often to be free of negativity of I looked deep into her heart and was shocked to hear myself apologizing to her, for the pain I had caused, for my part of the story! The victim in me disappeared like magic; it was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced but something I attribute to much higher spiritual powers that Colter was able to facilitate in that room that night. Instantly all the negative, helpless feelings of being a victim, all the things that I had become so frustrated or angry with were gone and replaced instead with a sincere repentance for the part I had played, replaced with a desire to help this person, and replaced with love for this person. It was quite simply life changing. I didn’t know if it would last after that night or if the negative feelings would return but even years later I have never had those old feelings of resentment and pain resurface, and I have been able to hold onto the love and genuine care for this person. I don’t know exactly how this all took place but I know that Colter helped facilitate a moment that for me transcended what any therapist or psychologist could have done and brought me closer to a God that was able to erase my pain and replace it with His love. I’ve never experienced anything like this again but I will forever be grateful to Colter for using his gift of healing to create a night that will forever be life changing."

I remember well this particular Eye Gazing Workshop. It was such a powerful evening of connection and healing!

Marisa Leigh



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