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Watching swallows fly over the reservoir from inside at the Lake House at Sherwood. It’s raining and the wind is whipping pretty hard. Still these tiny birds soar, duck, swoop, and dive, picking up hatching insects from the surface of the water. They are relentless in their pursuit through the elements.

I pause to think, “They’re like little machines - living, breathing, made up of tiny living bits of organic and inorganic matter organized into sections and levels, while serving different functions. The machines that human beings build are often cold, lifeless. They’re missing that spark that life exudes. Yet, as a species we have learned to engineer life. We harvest stem cells to repurpose their function. Removing DNA from cells, then injecting it into different cells, which have been voided of their own biological blueprint - one organism serving as a host to the design of another. Cloning, Tissues and complex organisms being grown in Petri dishes.”

A loon swims by, ducking under the water right off the beach, not to be seen for another 5 minutes popping up a few hundred yards away.

“Is it true that we are evolving to be beings who can manipulate the elements to create the manifestations that we desire? As a species are we truly destined for godliness, where future generations will be creating worlds of their own, organisms and animals from their own imagination? Many philosophers, enlightened ones, teachers, and prophets have spoken of such things. Perhaps it not we as individuals who are working toward godliness, perhaps it is our species as a whole. Everyone has a contribution to make in the process. Science, engineering, ingenuity, cooperation, friendship, learning, love - it’s going to take all of these things to create that beautiful vision of our planet and beyond. Feeling so much gratitude for the part that each and every one of you play in manifesting this collaboration of such impeccable creativity.”

Colter Wild


Lake House at Sherwood Shores

Delta, Utah



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