Holistic Wellness Retreats offer healing and training for all aspects of a person's being : physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and communal. Organic meals and all accommodations provided. Some retreats offer one-on-one energy healing or massage sessions.


Holistic Wellness Coaching offers healing and training for all aspects of a person's being : physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and communal. Packages are customized to fit each unique individual's needs.



  • Having began his personal yoga practice 13 years ago, Colter completed certification as a yoga teacher in 2010 through Yoga Alliance. Additionally, he certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through the American Council on Exercise in the same year. He teaches classes for students at all fitness and experience levels. His classes are known to be invigorating while instilling an overall sense of calm and restorative well-being. 

  • Learning Biofeedback and various meditation methods as a child from his mother, Colter’s personal meditation practice really took off in 2011 when he began practicing Vedic meditation techniques. He has found great success for his students by incorporating both ancient and modern meditation practices into his classes.

  • Endowed with the spiritual gifts of empathy, energetic awareness, and spiritual connection, Colter has facilitated healings, as well as interpersonal and spiritual connection experiences using ancient and modern techniques, and is a certified Reiki Energy Healer.

  • A self-identified spiritualist, Colter has studied spirituality through the philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Native American spirituality. He has also had the opportunity to work with Shamans trained in the ceremonial traditions of Indigenous American, Himalayan, and Island cultures. This has included the practice of guided meditation, energy work, sound healing, visualization, and plant medicine.

  • Colter has devoted more than 500 hours to intensive training focused on personal development, mentoring, life coaching, and formal presentation skills. He has participated in training through Impact Trainings, 3 Key Elements, and MindValley. In 2018 he successfully completed The Launch, an intensive training program focused on preparing teachers and trainers to effectively share their message. 

  • A graduate of the University of Utah, his studies focused on the field of biology and included exercise physiology, nutrition, environmental sustainability, and conservation. 

  • Colter has shared his gifts and message through formal classes, presentations, and facilitated experiences, as well as recorded audio and video. His topics of expertise stemming from the subjects of personal growth, energetic connection, spiritual philosophy, yoga, meditation, and energy healing. 

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